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Auditions for What Belongs to You ...

 Written and directed by Richard Maker.

 Season runs from Friday July 21 – Saturday August 5

Auditions to be held at Stirling Theatre on Saturday, March 11 at 9.30am, Sunday March 12 at 9.30am and if necessary, Wednesday March 15 at 7.30pm.

 Cast required for What Belongs to You …

 ESTHER AARONSON - Late thirties-wife of Joseph-housewife.

 An attractive women who, at first, appears to be happy to play the role of the dutiful wife and mother. It is only when circumstances force her to take the initiative to save her family that we see that she is the strongest of all the characters.

JOSEPH AARONSON - Forties-husband of Esther-banker.

A man very much bound by the traditions of society. He believes that his family will be protected from the new regime in Germany. He is mistaken.

The actor playing Joseph must either be bald or be prepared to shave his head.

LEAH AARONSON - Fifteen. Daughter of Joseph and Esther.

A bright, vivacious girl. Dreams of being an actress. Some singing ability needed.

CHRISTL AARONSON - Eight. Daughter of Joseph and Esther

AARON KAUFFMAN - Late forties, fifties -Jewish Council delegate

Kauffman is the one member of the Jewish Council who has some understanding of the repressive nature of the new regime in Germany. Like Esther he grows in stature as the play progresses.  A little overweight.

EMILE HIRSCH* -Late fifties-sixties-Jewish Council member

Hirsch and Weber believe that conciliation is the best strategy for dealing with the rise of the Nazi Party. It is a fatal error.

JUDAH WEBER* - Late fifties-sixties-Jewish Council member

FREDRICH MULLER - Forties- fifties-German Government Official

Muller deeply resents all Jews but he’s not the typical blustering “Teutonic” German. He’s a very rational, intelligent man. A public servant rather than a soldier; this makes him all the more dangerous.

ROBERT SMALLBONES* - Forties/fifties-British Consul-General

An official who helps Esther when others in the same situation would have turned her away.

CAMP OFFICER* - Forties-Official at Sachausen camp

A man who only sees things in black and white. No sense of humour. Will probably do very well for himself in the new German Government.

FIRST OFFICIAL* - Fifties/sixties

An old soldier. Seen it all before.

SECOND OFFICIAL*  - Thirties – forties.

Sycophantic, not very intelligent. A bully.

*Can double.

People intending to audition should bring a monologue of their choice (1 - 2 minutes) and be prepared to cold read about two pages from the script.

For more information call Richard Maker (writer/ director )on 0478 629 844 or Jane Sherwood  (assistant director) on 0421 974 286.