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What's Happening  in 2017?

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Stirling Players has been promoting youth theatre for many years in various forms. It  offers young people, in and around the City of Stirling, a creative opportunity to learn about the different aspects of performance  and production. The group has its own committee which develops a varied  program.  The program includes a range of theatre-related activities such as:

* Youth Productions

* Theatre Workshops

* Co-ordinating events

Being a member of Stirling Players Youth Theatre Group is an opportunity for young people to be involved in 'on-stage' activities, and build theatre skills and gain viable experience in the arts.

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Auditions for YouthFest Plays

The Exceptional Childhood Centre by Dylan Schifrin

When Reggie Watson is accepted into The Exceptional Childhood Centre, a highly competitive preschool, he believes he’s set for life—since everyone knows that getting into the right preschool is the gateway to a successful future. But not so fast…Reggie must make it through the one-day trial period first. Desperate to prove he’s a fit, he tries too hard, and of course, disaster strikes. As his future flashes before his eyes. Reggie and his band of quirky classmates deal with the consequences of his mistake, discovering things about themselves and learning a lesson more valuable than the school could ever teach them.

CAST: (actors must be aged 13-18)

REGGIE WATSON, four years old, new student at highly selective preschool, got in on a waiting list. Nervous about trying to fit in and determined to do everything possible to secure his position in preschool.

SUSAN CRAWFORD, disciplined, focused, concentrated on her future and getting the most out of the preschool experience. Four years old.

AIDEN SAMUELS, acts confident and experienced. Six years old, was held back two years. In denial about his emotional problems. Constantly helping his brother Frankie.

FRANKIE SAMUELS, four years old, Aiden’s brother. Hyperactive, impressionable, goofy kid. Greatly looks up to Aiden. (could possibly be female if needed)

ZIVA COLLINS, creepy, antisocial, almost cryptic recluse of a girl. Four years old. Often sits in corner alone.

MS. PATTERSON, sing-songy yet tough preschool teacher. Expects only the best from her "scholars." (Ms Patterson is an off-stage voice and could double as the stage manager!)

Rehearsal days Tuesday early evenings, Saturday late afternoons then a couple of extras in final fortnight (TBC).

Auditions Thursday 29th June, 7pm at The Stirling Theatre, Morris Place Innaloo. First read through Monday July 10th at a time TBC if cast available.  

To register for an audition or for more info please email Liz on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (you will receive a return email with audition requirements).

NB If you want to audition for both youth one act plays, we can make that work.


Us and Them by David Campton

 Us and Them is a seemingly simple one act play. This absurd play begins innocently enough with two groups of wanderers looking for a place to settle. And once they each find a plot of land stage left and stage right, both groups agree to mark a line between their two territories. Over time, the line becomes a fence and a fence becomes a wall and the wall grows in size until neither side knows what the other is doing. 

Eventually, both sides begin to wonder what the other side might be doing. They wonder long enough that their thoughts turn to suspicion and suspicion to mistrust and mistrust to fear, with each side believing that the other is plotting against them. As fear takes hold, both sides unknowingly make preparations for ensuing conflict until eventually it explodes. In the end, two survivors, looking at the waste they have inflicted on one other, come to the conclusion that the wall was to blame.

Rehearsals will be on Tuesday evenings 6.30-8pm and some Saturday afternoons. Availability in the July holidays would be an advantage.

 The play will run for a 3 night season alongside another one act play from September 12th-14th and then be performed at Youthfest on the weekend of 16-17th September. 

Cast (flexible) preferred age group – Years 8-11 (13-17 year olds)


Spokesman (or woman) A

Spokesman (or woman) B

A 1,   A 2,   A 3,  B1,  B2,  B3

Auditions will be on Thursday 29th June at 7pm at the Stirling Theatre, Morris Place, Innaloo.  Book your audition spot by emailing the Director, Andie Holborn, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . She will send further information, including a short monologue to learn, by return email

NB If you want to audition for both youth one act plays, we can make that work.