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2016  February/March Tuesdays with Morrie Directed by Ryan Taaffe Poster media release photo gallery

         April/May You Can't Have One Directed by Peter Flanigan poster media release photo gallery

         July  Brief Encounter Directed by Jane Sherwood postemedia release photo gallery


2017 January Midsummer Mix  One-act season of three premieres by local writers poster media release photo gallery

2017 March/April That Face Directed by Sharon Greenock poster media release  photo gallery

           May/June Mulan Jr Directed by Fran Gordon poster media release photo gallery 
    July/August What Belongs to You Written and directed by Richard Maker  poster media release photo gallery

       September Playing the Fool - one act season  poster  media release  photo gallery

         November/December Love and Mistletoe  Directed by Carole Wilson poster   media release photo gallery 

2018 February Charlotte's Web Directed by Fran Gordon. Musical Director Krispin Maesalu  poster  media release

         April/May 'Allo 'Allo Directed by Andrew Watson   poster media release photo gallery